Who is BitTrader?

BitTrader is a platform built specifically for frequent options traders. It is the brokerage companion to tastytrade, a sassy financial news and education platform. All of the tools are designed to get you focused on liquidity, probability, and volatility. It's all about making decisions and taking action. We'll look at how tastyworks stacks up against its more established rivals to help you decide whether it is the right fit for your trading

  • Rated our best broker for options trading and best for low costs.
  • Strong set of tools for frequent derivatives traders and a design that keeps all the key features accessible during your session.
  • Products from The Small Exchange were integrated into tastyworks in June 2020.

  • Streaming data runs on a single device at a time
  • IBKR Lite customers cannot use the smart order router
  • Small or inactive accounts generate substantial fees


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Faster Settlements

Our settlement system is quick and reliable. All settlement is created to your Bit Trader wallet and later to your bitcoin wallet once a request is made


With our indefatigable cravings for better systems, BitTrader stands out amongst the first, the best and most reliable platforms that helps you with crypto trading, breaching the gap between the good, bad and worse trader

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Our systems are up within 24 hours of every day

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